What is Business Matching?

For many of us, sometimes it's difficult to just sit down with another entrepreneur to talk purely business. Discussions get sidetracked, expectations are ambiguous and the opportunity cost can be high. Through our business matching sessions, consider them like business speed dating where you get to speak to 9-12 other entrepreneurs and figure out how to work together or even refer business to each other. To sign up for a session, head over to our contact page by clicking below!


We conduct sessions every month

How Does it Work?

To participate in business matching, after you've signed up for a session, it's just 3 simple steps:

Prepare responses early. Tell us:

  • Who are you and why you?
  • What do you do?
  • What makes you so different from others?
  • What are you looking for?
  • Who do you want to meet?
  • How can I introduce you?


When you attend:

  • After the introductions are completed, you will be matched with a business owner randomly.
  • Each pair gets 15 minutes to share based on the questions stated.
  • Once 15 minutes is up, you rotate to another partner and repeat until you've met everyone in the room.
  • Each session will have no more than 10-12 people at a time.

After you go back:

  • Stay connected! Get their e-mail, social media account or mobile number. 
  • Set up another one-to-one session with those that you feel that you can do business with further or have potential referrals for or from.
  • Follow up with any referrals that may have been discussed. Remember, you only get as much as you give.