Group Coaching

At the core of International Entrepreneurs Network is the belief that a solid business acumen is vital in tackling the challenging entrepreneurial landscape. It is no secret that the top CEOs in the world all spend an extensive amount of time reading to expand their knowledge as great leaders know you can never stop learning.

At every IEN meeting, not only do our business leaders gather together to share business with one another, an integral part of the itinerary is a 30 minute group coaching session by one (of our many) experienced coaches. This makes every meeting an effective meeting as you'll walk away with invaluable knowledge that can help you in your business over the short and long term.

Private Coaching

Naturally, not every problem or issue can be resolved through our group coaching sessions (although they do help a lot!), our stable of experienced coaches in the areas of business, performance and life coaching are available to all members at a special rate. As these coaches are also part of the network, they have a better understanding of the problems faced by our members, making every coaching session that much more effective. To book a session, speak to the chapter's respective chairman or contact us via our contact page on the website.