We believe in empowering entrepreneurs and hence we provide business networking and referrals’ platforms coupled with training and coaching to equip entrepreneurs to be excellent. We mentor and coach entrepreneurs to see their growth and success.

We provide a platform for actual exchange of business by referring businesses to one another.

We empower, we educate, we influence, we impact, we inspire and we transform and we add value and resources amongst others through:-

  • Global Platform
  • International Events
  • Regional Networking
  • Local Chapters
  • Business Matching Events
  • Masters Degree Program
  • Executive, Business & Life Coaching
  • Online Coaching Forum


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Trust, respect and confidence in our members are imperatives. We believe in their innovation and creativity and hence we are forward thinking, enthusiastic and progressive.


We are committed to ensure members are accountable to one another. We strive to build such culture wherein accountability will define our approach, our character and our philosophy and values-system.


Thirst for the growth of our members is one of our most valuable assets. We strive to bring the best of training, education and experiences to share with our members.


We believe integrity is of utmost importance in any entrepreneurship. It is in our fabric of our company’s design, totally ingrained and immersed in it.


We want to make a mark not only in the lives and businesses of our members but to leave a mark in the communities around us. We want our members to leave a legacy, to bring value, to influence and to impact and to make a difference in the communities around them.